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Our pharmacy cares about customers safety and security. We have a team of experts who ships world wide prescription medications discreetly. We pack the packages carefully with tungsten and carbon papers to skip through customs x-ray machines at airports. Parcels are beautifully packed with gift papers from outside.
We have dedicated customer support team that is available anytime to serve you. You can ask anything anytime and you will get response from our staff immediately (ASAP). Customer support may could be a bit delayed on Sundays. We process orders quickly to make possibly faster international deliveries.

– Delivery delay

Packages are generally dispatched within 24 hours after receipt of payment and are shipped via fast courier so the package will be delivered to you within 2 – 5 days from dispatch. You will also receive an email containing the parcel’s tracking number.

Shipping costs

For all orders over $ 130.00 delivery is free anywhere in the world.

For all orders under $ 130.00 the shipping fee depends on the quantity ordered and the destination address.

Shipping fees include handling and packing fees as well as postage costs.

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